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30 Day Writing challenge: Day 2 – Where would you like to be in ten years

Day 2 – Where would you like to be in ten years

Ten years is a long long time, I want a lot of things but there are two scenarios in my head and I can’t choose one, to be honest I can but the rational being in me collides with the dreamer in me and it’s a mess. So I’ll write about where I want to be, not where my family/friends/the society expects me to be in 10 years.

I want to travel, I want to see the world. I don’t want to stay at home, I don’t want a house which I call home. I want to leave, see the cities far and wide, travel in buses without knowing where they are going to take me, hook up with people I’ll never see again, eat things I never imagined I’d eat, go to places I dream of every night. I want to travel across the seas, sleep under the stars, meet people one day say goodbye the next. Travelling is grueling, I know that. It is unpredictable, unstable. I want to be free, I want no ties with anyone, I don’t want to take care of anyone but myself If and when I have to, I want to be free of any obligations. For years I’ve taken care of people- people I’m not supposed to take care of. I want freedom.

I don’t want a family, a husband. I want kids maybe 20 years down the lane, but not ten years from now. I want to drink without getting drunk, I want to be a little more polished than I am at the moment, a little less analytical  a little more brave. I want to be happier than I am at the moment. I know I’m almost the girl in the book, Almost. The girl in the book is always alone.She is brave, real and foolish. She is reckless, beautiful and funny. I’m almost there. I can’t stay still and I won’t be able to even ten years from now. I want the dreamer in me to still dream, the kid in me to still watch Saturday morning cartoons. I want to be out there somewhere in the world, with a backpack and a flashlight, looking for a spot to sleep under the stars .. unless there is an apocalypse. I’m not scared of zombies or any of those creatures, I can totally pal up with those beings and chill with them.

In ten years from now I’d want to be a happy traveler and a better person. Less self-centered, More communicative. I’d like to talk less and ‘communicate’ more. Ten years from now I’ll be somewhere on the globe being my self- laughing too loud, dancing in the rain and singing under the sun

As for the zombie Apocalypse,  I’m coming to get ya’ ! ^_^

And finally, as they say

Top 15 Places in Asia I’d run to the moment I can ^_^

“For Come I may, but Go I must and If men ask you why. May put the blame on the stars and the sun and the white moon and the sky” These are the words of my favorite poem since sixth grade. Anyway So here is a list of places I’d visit the moment I have enough money saved aside and my education is well in place. These are Places in ASIA, I’d visit the moment* I get my passport, some cash, a good camera and permission from my ma 🙂

None of the pictures used are mine, these are not arranged in any order. If you have visited any of these places or are going to, please let me know all about it. 

Here it goes:

1, Huanglong and Jiuzhaigou Areas, Northwest part of Sichaun, China.

( Home of the Giant panda and is famous for it’s colorful pools formed because of some scientific something, will tell you what imaginary audience when I visit it! 😛 )




2. Ladakh, India and Kashmir – both Azad Kashmir/ Pakistan occupied Kashmir, Pakistan and Kashmir, India. 

Out of all the places I’ve seen it is the single MOST beautiful place on the planet. It’s beautiful. It has everything. The people are beautiful, and the place is spellbinding though the political situation there isn’t very inviting. 


that’s Pahalgam, the river lidder


The Valley


The Kashmir Valley 


Ladakh 🙂

3. Putorana Plateau, Central siberian plateau, Russia

Putorana translates to the country of lakes with steep banks, and is famous for it’s siberian traps. 


4. Mount Sanqing, China.

It is a renowned taoist sacred mountain and is absolutely gorgeous.


5. Palawan Islands, Philippines is UNREAL!



6. Sundarbans, Bangladesh and India.

It is the  largest single block of tidal halophytic mangrove ( google it! )forest in the world. I’ve read a about it and It isn’t very touristy but it’s something which is far beyond our imagination. These areas haven’t been explored extensively due to their ever-changing scenarios. also it’s the home of the famous Bengal tiger. 

( Amitav Ghosh has also written a brilliant book – The hungry tide, which is set in this region. )


The Sundarbans Delta- spread across Bangladesh and India

Image       Image



7. Saryarka Steppe and Lakes, Kazakhstan.


Unexplored and gorgeous. 

8.  Ölüdeniz( the blue lagoon) and the butterfly valley, Turkey- 

Turkey is my dream destination. Olives, cheese, Asia, Europe, the sea, the hills. Shizz just got real. 😀


The turquoise coast- The blue lagoon. 


the butterfly valley

9.Gobi Desert and Mongolian-Manchurian grassland,Mongolia-

 Mongolia is synonymous with the wild, evoking images of seemingly endless steppe wilderness, nomadic herders, Ghengis Khan and the Gobi Desert, and now the glorious grassland

ImageImageImage ImageImage

10. Sagarmatha, Nepal.

Sagarmāthā takes its name from the Nepalese name for Mount Everest which is located in the very north of the zone within the Sagarmatha National park in the Solu Khumbu district. Sagarmāthā means “the Head in the Great Blue Sky”


11. Kaghan Valley, Pakistan

Here in india, you don’t get to hear a lot about how beautiful Pakistan is. While studying about it I found out about how gorgeous it is and I’m still awestruck. I hope I get to go to half these places. 



12. Kinabalu, Malaysia

Mount Kinabalu is also the 20th most prominent mountain


13. Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia and the Valley of geysers



Volcano Polsky Tolbachik





14. Tabbataha Reef, Philippines-  is an atoll coral reef and a Natural Marine Park in sulu sea composing of two huge atoll (the North Atoll and South Atoll) and the smaller Jessie Beazley Reef.


15. HaLong bay, Vietnam.

(means “descending dragon bay”) Is exquisite and I’m going there sometime this year !!!


It’s something like the Palawan Islands but less touristy. B|



PS: None of the pictures belong to me, I used google so the credit goes to their respective photographers, websites etc.

Leaving is Liberating.

I wrote about the need to leave, A few posts ago. I’d like to elaborate on it.

To leave is pleasure. It’s the journey till the point right before you leave, which is hard. All the planning, the deciding, the choices that you make That is nerve wracking. No one is resistant, no one is is immune to that feeling of nostalgia, and that fear of starting afresh. It’s scary starting anew, It’s intimidating each time but that’s the thrill, you can break free of all the ties, you can break out the walls that have held you captive for so long, you can dream again, dream new, dream upside down, dream monochrome or in technicolor.

You are never one person, you are different persons in different places,at various stages of the clock. You are everything to someone one day, invisible the next. You are everyone and the next minute you are a another bystander glancing their way; someone they’ve never seen before,  someone they are curious to know. Once the curiosity dies, your collective importance begins to diminish, opinions are fixed, the excitement is over, adrenaline is replaced by estrogen, feelings come into play. Yes, I know curiosity killed the cat but it also gave way to the workings of science.

Leaving is a science, an art. Only the toughest can leave, or the weakest. Nothing in the middle ever can. Leaving isn’t moderate, it isn’t neutral, it’s not the safe path, nor the right thing to do. It’s extreme  impulsive, stupid at times. It’s for the downtrodden and the dreamers, It’s for the young or the very old. Leaving is liberating in more ways than one. But those who leave can never stay too long especially with those who stay because either can’t survive with another. The difference is magnetic, it’s compelling, it binds them together but the gap is too much to cover. In the bargain one spirit shatters and the other hardens and neither is in a better place than the other.

To leave is for you and you alone, It’s not a choice but need, Home isn’t a house, it’s hearth, it’s where your head is at the moment. A distant city can be home to me, even when I’ve never been in it’s 100 mile radius.

To travel and to leave are two different things. Don’t confuse them. To travel is to see the world and come back home, and to leave is to leave a home and make another one wherever you go. They don’t know what it’s like to seek comfort in others, in things unknown, in people alien, in cities new and terrifying.. It’s the adrenaline, the fear, the high.

To leave is to be free.

and I leave, every now and then. I’m free. I’m happy.