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Another day

She had trouble focusing on everyday tasks, As she busied herself with the conversations in her head. Conversations she had with himself, Those impossible conversations which never really followed the script.

It was foolish, a tiny voice hissed. It was impossible and yet she had hope, she had hope that some day, after forever, a point will come where himself will realize how truly right it is, and how despite her flaws, her dreams and her cries, she isn’t as messed up as himself thought she was.

As she stood parallel to the mirror and imagined another world, a world without examinations and everyday hassles. A world where she could break free and could do as she pleased, where she could meet new people and visit new cities, She was already in love with the people she had never met and the cities she had never visited.

the knock at the door brought her hurling back to the reality, so she went back to the words she was never going to hear and the kisses that would never reach her lips and the pebbles which remained floating in the air..