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Can one eat Football?

This Mural created by the Brazilian Street Artist Paulo Ito on May 10, 2014 on the doors of his school house is São Paulo has gone Viral on the interweb.
The vivid image of a Brazilian child wit nothing to eat, but a football is as hard-hitting as it is heart-breaking.
I love football and I’m counting days till the world cup begins (19 days, whooop!) but this here, made me not only re-think but reconsider almost everything I like or believe in. Is it fair on not moral but on the grounds of humanity that Countries, countries with hundreds of thousands of people who are starving, dying, who lack the basic health, food and education necessities spends hundreds of millions to satisfy the entertainment needs of a few hundred million.
I’m not demeaning or trivialising the sport here, I think sports are important and bring a country together, team spirit, patriotism, happiness, love and all that jazz. I know Football is religion in European countries and a few other nations, but honestly shouldn’t we all stop and think if a child should go hungry because certain individuals(myself, included!) need constant change and excitement in their mode of entertainment.
A country like Brazil which like India has a HUGE population and not enough resources or money to fulfill the needs of it’s people, Should a country like Brazil hold the World Cup? People are going hungry, they had hiked the bus fares and health care systems but after people protested they let go of it but not completely.

People are suffering.
When Paulo Ito in a chat with the Slate via facebook chat said,” The truth is there is so much wrong in Brazil that it is difficult to know where to start, I didn’t mean [to say] nobody is doing anything against poverty,” he said of the mural. “But we need to show the world or ourselves that the situation is still not good.” He also explained,“People already have the feeling and that image condensed this feeling,”

We can’t really eat footballs or cricket bats, can we?

Because if we could, this world would be a better place and perhaps happier.

For further information Here’s the link to the original article I read http://www.slate.com/blogs/the_spot/2014/05/20/paulo_ito_world_cup_a_brazilian_street_artist_has_created_the_world_cup.html?utm_content=bufferb0ecd&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer#