“Religion is easy”


I dislike studying Indian History, I don’t mind reading it and I love knowing things but studying Indian History was something I was always terrible at. I could never remember the dates or the ‘key words’. Though despite that ‘Mughal History’ was something that I always liked. So today my best friend and I went to Jama Masjid ( which to quote wikipedia is the ‘Principle Mosque of Old Delhi’.) My best friend is in town so I took her to Chandni Chowk to have some kick-ass food (read: Kebabs. Delicious, delicious Kebabs :’D) and show her around. She being a history buff has this need to go and visit all the monuments possible and Delhi being Delhi, she was thrilled. Let’s fast-forward, We were standing outside Jama Masjid but were reluctant to enter because we didn’t have anything to cover our heads with, so we were wondering what to do. There was this old man standing next to the gate, he was selling skull caps and other souvenirs, so we asked him if we could enter the mosque without covering our head. He told us that you can buy something from me to cover your head but it’s up to you, We were broke so we asked him if we absolutely had to cover our heads because despite being not-so-religious, hurting religious sentiments wasn’t our aim and the place was too gorgeous to be disrespectful.



Anywho, that learned ancient man said something I’ll never forget, He said “Religion is easy” (” Dharam Aasaan hai beta”) and I realised maybe for him it is, maybe it is all about his god for him. In that moment it did seem simple. Maybe it is. I’m not sympathizing with people who commit atrocities in the name of religion here, I think they do not deserve to live (well, some of them) but the idea that maybe it is simple and we being the complex beings that we are, we like to complicate it, abuse it, politicize it, misinterpret it.

Yes, there are religious texts which say some horrid and strange things and I fail to understand the logic behind them, but you don’t have to take everything literally. We all enter this world and we leave it, and we get one shot to do all we want. Who knows if we will ever reincarnate or Attain Nirvana or Go to Heaven or Hell or anything, Why can’t we just want to be happy?

Why can’t we try and be a little more content with what we have, because Honestly, It does make things easier.

“Earth to earth, Dust to Dust, Ashes to Ashes”

“For Dust you are, to Dust you’ll return”

Yes, I’m quoting the Bible here (i’ve not read it) but this is what all religious texts say, mean.

All we are is a Dust, and Dust is what we’ll ever be. We’re tiny speckles of dust in the universe, we are pricks in this universe. We can never help or harm it, all we can do is try and be happy and bring some happiness to others.

Right now, Today the biggest day of the staggered Indian Elections, A quarter of the Indian Population voted. 815 million people voted, My country a country which runs on religion. Where Religion is politics and Politics is religion, the greatest democracy in the world, might be run by someone who doesn’t believe in Secularity, which in itself is a very scary thought. Not that the oh-so-secular government did any wonders, except maybe wonderfully stealing money from we the people but in a country as diverse as this, An irrational, mass-murdering bigot can not be made to sit at the center. I’m very worried because whatever the outcome, people will suffer and the purpose of democracy is lost because how can you choose between three options one of which is happy being complacent, no not complacent but invisible, saying nothing, doing nothing barring stealing Tax payers’ money; the other one which promotes one religion, (runs on a philosophy which has lost it’s essence over the centuries and has been turned into this crap ass shite which they think is justified for killing people) is intolerant, STUPID ( I mean it, I mean he wanted to declare war on a neighbouring country because 3 Jawans lost their life, I’m not defending their action but killing hundreds of thousands,’ claiming to have declared war if you were in power’ because you are too egotistical and irrational to come up with something reasonable is being stupid. I would like to ask you Mr., Would you have said the same if those Jawans weren’t Hindus?) and crude; the third option is of choosing an Idealist, an anarchist in some ways, An oppurtunist like Nehru some might say, a man who was strong enough to resign instead of giving in and giving up his ideals, but a man who is also not a competent leader. So where does that leave us? The greatest democracy in the World, a country of over 1.2 billion people? What do we do?

Sorry for the rant, From history to jama masjid to religion to Indian politics. Eh. Imaginary Audience, There’s a lot going on in this head. My sincere apologies.



  1. I don’t know if you have first hand knowledge of Gujurat, but I do. I am American and lived there from Jan-May 2013 with professor husband and 11 American students. We didn’t really appreciate Ahmedabad until we began traveling. We had had good roads, visible directing traffic police men and electricity all the time. There were no uprisings or killings of Muslims. It was a peaceful place to live. If you are interested more in my opinions, I have several posts on Mr. Modi. I am horrified at the awful things said during the election. Peace, Anne

    1. I’m glad you had a comfortable stay while you lived in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. I as an individual, am glad to hear that roads were good, you had a constant supply of electricity and the cops were helpful, I shall look at your posts regarding Modi. For me, having lived all over the country, and as you might have seen too, the country is a little too diverse. It’s a country of diverse people who are pissed off right now, and though I’m certain Modi will win I wish he wouldn’t. It scares me, the very idea of him being our prime minister. I don’t agree with his partys’ opinion on Muslims, the Kashmir issue, homosexuality to name a few. It’s not just him, but the very manipulation of the party’s ideologies. I’m glad it was a peaceful place to live in, but concrete evidence has been found against Modi during the 2002 riots. People were massacred, ruthlessly and someone who not only contributed to it but also enforced it, having someone like him, someone as intolerant ( he compared muslims to dogs in one of his rallies) and prejudiced can not possibly govern a country as diverse, a country which is surrounded by neighbouring countries who aren’t really high on us. Not only that, personally I feel that if he wins (which he will) the muslims wouldn’t be implicated directly, more than the muslims it’s the liberals who should be scared.
      I am really glad that you are following the elections, It makes me very happy. I hope you visit the country again. 🙂
      I shall look up your posts

      1. Mr Modi is a consummate politician and wants a big place in the world. He is too smart to mistreat the Muslims. I am sure you know the Supreme Court could find no evidence of Modi’s guilt. Sadly communal violence has a long history in India. I am curious why you didn’t mention 1984 and. 1947? And what about Muslim attack on Hindu pilgrims in 2002 that started the violence ? Are you supporting AAP?

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