Things about me which I thought were normal but aren’t

Things about me which I thought were normal but aren’t:

1. I sleep with my underwear on.

(I just found out that it’s weird and unhealthy! -_-)

2. I get nightmares, so I’m up for most part of the night and sleep at dawn, when I’m saturated beyond the Imma-get-nightmares-tonight stage

3. I buy expensive lingerie.

( I thought it was normal since everyone in  ALL the chick-flicks and chick-lits did that, till I asked other people my age. Damn. )

4. I wear the same pair of jeans everyday and never put them in for a wash.

(I’m a 17 year old ‘girl’. )

5. I’ve never heard a Nicki Minaj song. Ever. whenever I see her on tv, I flip the channel and I’ve never ever tried to look for her on youtube

6. I’ve never read 50 shades of grey, don’t plan to either.

7. I don’t like chatting, or texting or talking on the phone. I prefer seeing people is real.

8. I eat a lot, unlike other girls my age.

9. I don’t like hugging.

10. I don’t want to get married neither do I want a boyfriend.

11. I have friends spread across the either country. In almost every state.

12. My best friend lives 1749 kms away and is a guy and no I don’t like  him. He is my best buddy.

13. I like living with my parents, I like talking to my mother. I’m supposed to hate her, but she’s really chill.

14. I like not wearing make up and not acting dumb.

15. I can’t pout. I really can’t.

16. I don’t think losing my virginity is a big thing. It’s a thing, yes. but the whole ‘deflowering shit’ is just crap. you want to do it, you do it. with anyone you want in the privacy of your room.

17. I love my family and a few people, and my dog. That’s it.

18. I’m over the “photography phase” but I don’t think I can ever get over horses. ( Lost in translation reference 😛 )

19. I don’t like watching movies, I prefer reading books. I don’t have the patience to sit and watch a whole movie.

20. I like re-watching movies better.

21. I cry during the stupidest of movies, really it’s an art.

22. I think hating math is uncool, and I think I’m really stupid for being bad at it.

23. I think Obama is really goodlooking.

24. I get a cold everymorning and it disappears till the noon. ( asthma-_- )

25. I liked school, it was fun. And I don’t miss it like everyone claims to. It’s like a vacation, I’m happy sitting at home doing nothing.

26. I like football.

27. My eye and hand coordination is really bad.

28. I think Sidney sheldon and chocolate muffins are over-rated.

29.  I like guys who smell good, them smelling good is better than them looking nice. And guys who are smart, really really smart. ( and a good taste in music! 😛 )

30. I love making out, I honestly genuinely love it.

31. I curse a lot.

12 thoughts on “Things about me which I thought were normal but aren’t”

  1. I love this list and I can relate to so much! I’ve never read 50 Shades of Grey and don’t plan on it and I definitely prefer books to movies. Oh and I am attracted to smart guys, and especially guys who can write. None of that uneducated badass crap for me. You sound like the sort of person I could be best friends with. Cheers to being different 😀

    1. Now, I’m flattered. I can relate to most of your posts! Smart guys are such a breath of fresh air, those who can write or are musicians 😛
      Uneducated or stupid boys are such a no-no, especially the vain, uneducated and stupid ones! You sound like a person I can connect with, which is a rare-rare thing.
      Thank you so much.

      1. I actually have the perfect term for that, called Sapiosexual. Basically, you’re attracted to the level of intelligence in a guy :P. Ahh musicians are amazing too. As long as they love their families. Which seems to be a big thing for me for some reason. 😛

      2. Sapiosexual it is then, hah. Musicians are great, I’ve this knack for being attracted to them even when I don’t know that they are musicians but more often than not they are really messed up. The-whole-tortured-artist thing, you know? Families are important to me, and they should matter. I feel the same way, It’s like if you don’t respect your family how can you respect anyone else, let alone me but with time I’ve seen some really messed up families So I don’t know what to believe in, I guess it takes all types to make the world.

      3. Oh tortured artist musicians are the best I swear. I’ve had an infallible and weird attraction to drummers for some reason. It’s the whole inner rage and demons issue :P. And I agree, if you don’t love and respect your family, who are you in the end? I grew up extremely close to my dad and I never thought he was ‘uncool’ or old or whatever.
        Wow, and here I thought I would never find someone who thinks like I do. Yay wordpress 😀

      4. Thank god for wordpress, It keeps me sane when my Ma fails. I’m closer to Ma, papa keeps moving so Ma is easier to talk to and she balances things out? Me and pa and way too similar.
        Musicians, Well I’ve this in-born knack for falling for guitarists! I wish I were a pianist though 😛

  2. So I’m sitting here in my bed reading this – first thing I do after waking up. Read the first weird thing then looks down.

    “Shit, I’m wearing undies and a tank top right now. OMG I’m not healthy!”

    But yeah, I do agree with some of the things you’ve listed. I can’t stand Nicki Minaj… I really can’t. -_- And I can relate to the jeans thing too… They say you aren’t supposed to machine wash them more than once a year.

    1. It might be healthy but it’s normal for us,right? 😀
      Hahaha, No point in washing them jeans, they end up looking crappier and shrinking.
      Who is Nicki Minaj, again? 😛

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