Top 15 Places in Asia I’d run to the moment I can ^_^

“For Come I may, but Go I must and If men ask you why. May put the blame on the stars and the sun and the white moon and the sky” These are the words of my favorite poem since sixth grade. Anyway So here is a list of places I’d visit the moment I have enough money saved aside and my education is well in place. These are Places in ASIA, I’d visit the moment* I get my passport, some cash, a good camera and permission from my ma 🙂

None of the pictures used are mine, these are not arranged in any order. If you have visited any of these places or are going to, please let me know all about it. 

Here it goes:

1, Huanglong and Jiuzhaigou Areas, Northwest part of Sichaun, China.

( Home of the Giant panda and is famous for it’s colorful pools formed because of some scientific something, will tell you what imaginary audience when I visit it! 😛 )




2. Ladakh, India and Kashmir – both Azad Kashmir/ Pakistan occupied Kashmir, Pakistan and Kashmir, India. 

Out of all the places I’ve seen it is the single MOST beautiful place on the planet. It’s beautiful. It has everything. The people are beautiful, and the place is spellbinding though the political situation there isn’t very inviting. 


that’s Pahalgam, the river lidder


The Valley


The Kashmir Valley 


Ladakh 🙂

3. Putorana Plateau, Central siberian plateau, Russia

Putorana translates to the country of lakes with steep banks, and is famous for it’s siberian traps. 


4. Mount Sanqing, China.

It is a renowned taoist sacred mountain and is absolutely gorgeous.


5. Palawan Islands, Philippines is UNREAL!



6. Sundarbans, Bangladesh and India.

It is the  largest single block of tidal halophytic mangrove ( google it! )forest in the world. I’ve read a about it and It isn’t very touristy but it’s something which is far beyond our imagination. These areas haven’t been explored extensively due to their ever-changing scenarios. also it’s the home of the famous Bengal tiger. 

( Amitav Ghosh has also written a brilliant book – The hungry tide, which is set in this region. )


The Sundarbans Delta- spread across Bangladesh and India

Image       Image



7. Saryarka Steppe and Lakes, Kazakhstan.


Unexplored and gorgeous. 

8.  Ölüdeniz( the blue lagoon) and the butterfly valley, Turkey- 

Turkey is my dream destination. Olives, cheese, Asia, Europe, the sea, the hills. Shizz just got real. 😀


The turquoise coast- The blue lagoon. 


the butterfly valley

9.Gobi Desert and Mongolian-Manchurian grassland,Mongolia-

 Mongolia is synonymous with the wild, evoking images of seemingly endless steppe wilderness, nomadic herders, Ghengis Khan and the Gobi Desert, and now the glorious grassland

ImageImageImage ImageImage

10. Sagarmatha, Nepal.

Sagarmāthā takes its name from the Nepalese name for Mount Everest which is located in the very north of the zone within the Sagarmatha National park in the Solu Khumbu district. Sagarmāthā means “the Head in the Great Blue Sky”


11. Kaghan Valley, Pakistan

Here in india, you don’t get to hear a lot about how beautiful Pakistan is. While studying about it I found out about how gorgeous it is and I’m still awestruck. I hope I get to go to half these places. 



12. Kinabalu, Malaysia

Mount Kinabalu is also the 20th most prominent mountain


13. Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia and the Valley of geysers



Volcano Polsky Tolbachik





14. Tabbataha Reef, Philippines-  is an atoll coral reef and a Natural Marine Park in sulu sea composing of two huge atoll (the North Atoll and South Atoll) and the smaller Jessie Beazley Reef.


15. HaLong bay, Vietnam.

(means “descending dragon bay”) Is exquisite and I’m going there sometime this year !!!


It’s something like the Palawan Islands but less touristy. B|



PS: None of the pictures belong to me, I used google so the credit goes to their respective photographers, websites etc.

Things about me which I thought were normal but aren’t

Things about me which I thought were normal but aren’t:

1. I sleep with my underwear on.

(I just found out that it’s weird and unhealthy! -_-)

2. I get nightmares, so I’m up for most part of the night and sleep at dawn, when I’m saturated beyond the Imma-get-nightmares-tonight stage

3. I buy expensive lingerie.

( I thought it was normal since everyone in  ALL the chick-flicks and chick-lits did that, till I asked other people my age. Damn. )

4. I wear the same pair of jeans everyday and never put them in for a wash.

(I’m a 17 year old ‘girl’. )

5. I’ve never heard a Nicki Minaj song. Ever. whenever I see her on tv, I flip the channel and I’ve never ever tried to look for her on youtube

6. I’ve never read 50 shades of grey, don’t plan to either.

7. I don’t like chatting, or texting or talking on the phone. I prefer seeing people is real.

8. I eat a lot, unlike other girls my age.

9. I don’t like hugging.

10. I don’t want to get married neither do I want a boyfriend.

11. I have friends spread across the either country. In almost every state.

12. My best friend lives 1749 kms away and is a guy and no I don’t like  him. He is my best buddy.

13. I like living with my parents, I like talking to my mother. I’m supposed to hate her, but she’s really chill.

14. I like not wearing make up and not acting dumb.

15. I can’t pout. I really can’t.

16. I don’t think losing my virginity is a big thing. It’s a thing, yes. but the whole ‘deflowering shit’ is just crap. you want to do it, you do it. with anyone you want in the privacy of your room.

17. I love my family and a few people, and my dog. That’s it.

18. I’m over the “photography phase” but I don’t think I can ever get over horses. ( Lost in translation reference 😛 )

19. I don’t like watching movies, I prefer reading books. I don’t have the patience to sit and watch a whole movie.

20. I like re-watching movies better.

21. I cry during the stupidest of movies, really it’s an art.

22. I think hating math is uncool, and I think I’m really stupid for being bad at it.

23. I think Obama is really goodlooking.

24. I get a cold everymorning and it disappears till the noon. ( asthma-_- )

25. I liked school, it was fun. And I don’t miss it like everyone claims to. It’s like a vacation, I’m happy sitting at home doing nothing.

26. I like football.

27. My eye and hand coordination is really bad.

28. I think Sidney sheldon and chocolate muffins are over-rated.

29.  I like guys who smell good, them smelling good is better than them looking nice. And guys who are smart, really really smart. ( and a good taste in music! 😛 )

30. I love making out, I honestly genuinely love it.

31. I curse a lot.