I’m done.

I feel so hopeless right now. So bloody hopeless. It’ almost as though 6 months under the blanket with the lights switched off and the music on full blast won’t help. I want to die, I really do. I never talk like this, but honestly right now I’m so tired, I’m so done. I’m so fucking tired.  All i want to do leave, and never come back. Leave everything and everyone, this need to so overpowering that I can’t breathe right now, or maybe my asthma is acting up. I don’t know. Even the end ( the doors) isn’t helping. This actually feels like the end. I’m so f’ed up. 

8 thoughts on “I’m done.”

  1. You’re not fucked up, and this is not the end. Like you said in one of your posts – you might be plain weird, and you’re a teenager which means this is the hardest point in your life to be weird. Everyone is weird/crazy – some people just hide it better than others. As you get older you will realise how crazy everyone really is, but their crazy won’t affect you, and your crazy won’t affect them – not as much as it does at the moment. Things will get better, so just don’t give up.

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